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Floyd Against Drugs names Dale L. Styers executive director

Floyd Against Drugs announces the hiring of Dale L. Styers as its new Executive Director. Dale has previously served FAD as a volunteer, board president and program director. Dale has a Marketing Degree from Georgia State University. She retired to this area seven years ago and quickly found a passion giving her talents to local non-profits. She has a passion for the well being and safety of children and a background in drug and alcohol addiction counseling.

“We want to see drug usage go down in our youth,” says Styers. “We have seen the numbers even out but it’s important to our community and the future youth to see that number go down. This is all about our children. We do this to protect their future and help the parents understand the dangers of alcohol and drugs”, said Ansley Silvers, FAD’s board president. “The plans she has presented to us already have us extremely excited for the future of FAD and our community.” Her office is in the Historic Courthouse, Suite 117.

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