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Red Ribbon Drug Awareness Campaign – October 23-31, 2017

The 2017 National Red Ribbon Week theme: Your Future Is Key, So Stay Drug Free™.


The Red Ribbon Campaign® is the oldest and  largest drug prevention program in the nation, reaching  millions of young people during Red Ribbon Week®,  October 23rd – October 31st each year.  It is an ideal way for people and communities to unite and take a visible stand against drugs. Show your personal commitment to a drug-free lifestyle through the symbol of the Red Ribbon, October 23 – 31st.


The Red Ribbon Campaign® was started when drug traffickers in Mexico City murdered DEA agent Kiki Camarena in 1985. This began the continuing tradition of displaying Red Ribbons as a symbol of intolerance towards the use of drugs. The mission of the Red Ribbon Campaign® is to present a unified and visible commitment towards the creation of a DRUG – FREE AMERICA. WHO? National Family Partnership is the sponsor of the National Red Ribbon Week® Celebration. We are helping citizens across the country come together to keep children, families and communities safe, healthy and drug-free, through parent training, networking and sponsoring the National Red Ribbon Campaign®.


Children of parents who talk to their teens regularly about drugs are 42% less likely to use drugs than those who don’t, yet only a quarter of teens report having these conversations. Check out for tips on talking to your children.  This applies to talking about both alcohol and other drugs.

Listen for the radio PSAs from FAD on Q102 and Radio M during the month of October.  Here is the link to the song and lyrics “Talk, They Hear You” which is the background music.

Find out more about the Red Ribbon Campaign at

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