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Local Data & Drug Updates

Results from Fall 2018 Teen Maze Survey Coosa Fairgrounds

Table 1: Characteristics of 9th Grade Students Who Completed the Questionnaire

Demographic Characteristics (total participants = 392)


Male                49.7% (190)

Female            48.2% (184)

Other                1.8%      (8)

Race & Ethnicity

Black  15.2% (58)
Asian   0.8% (3)
White  62.8% (240)
American Indian  0 .3% (1)
Mixed Race  10.7% (41)
Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander  1.3% (5)
Hispanic/Latino 17.8% (68)


14.35 years is the average age of survey participants

Student Rating of the Teen Maze Experience

Students were asked to rate their overall view of the Teen Maze, answering 4 questions about how seriously they though their peers approached the experience, whether they thought it would make a difference, etc.

The measures were tabulated to create an Index of Attitudes Toward the Teen Maze. On this index, the lowest possible rating (indicting a negative view) was a 4, and the highest possible rating was a 20 (highly positive view).

All students combined Average Satisfaction 13.9    (n=382)

Rome City Students Average Satisfaction 14.31  (n=126)

Floyd County Students Average Satisfaction 13.65  (n= 253)



Do you believe that your experience in the Teen Maze increased you desire to graduate?  68.1% (260) YES

Have you talked with your parent or other trusted adult about your experience in the Teen Maze? 26.4% (101) YES


Have you talked with other teens about the Teen Maze Experience?  60.7% (232) YES

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