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FAD Campaigns to Raise Awareness Around Teen Alcohol Use

Recently Floyd Against Drugs (FAD) has sponsored two different campaigns to build awareness around different issues related to providing teens with alcohol.

This spring, during the prom and graduation seasons, FAD sponsored "Parents Who Host Lose the Most" to build awareness about the dangers of adults hosting parties for teenagers while providing or allowing alcohol. This program encourages parents and the entire community to send a unified message that teen alcohol consumption is unhealthy, unsafe, and unacceptable. For this campaign, FAD put up billboards, provided yard signs, and through the media, discussed the issues that hosting parties for teenagers while providing or allowing alcohol can present.

Starting in July, FAD participated in a sticker shock campaign -- "If They Can't Buy It, Don't Supply It." This campaign builds awareness with parents and other adults about the consequences of providing alcohol to underage youth. For this campaign, FAD placed billboards around town and also provided liquor stores with bags with the sticker on it that points out that it is illegal to give alcohol to underage youth. The stores have been working with FAD by using these bags when adults purchase liquor in hopes of stressing to customers the importance of the community working together in refraining from giving youth alcohol that they cannot legally purchase.

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