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Floyd Against Drugs Launches New Website

Floyd Against Drugs (FAD) is pleased to announce the launch of its new website at The new site will serve as a hub for the organization to inform the community of news and events, disseminate information on local drug use, prevention programs and statistics, and to keep its members and volunteers up-to-date on opportunities for service.

The new site was made possible through a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) grant awarded to FAD last October.

“The SAMHSA grant was instrumental in the development of our new web presence,” said Executive Director Dan Falcitella. “We are excited about the opportunity the new site affords us to extend our reach out into the community and the ability to increase awareness of the devastating effect drugs have on individuals, families, and our county. Our goal is to make it a resource on drug abuse and a tool to move us towards a drug free community.”

FAD asks community members to sign up for their email list to receive notifications of news releases, volunteer opportunities, and events.

Floyd Against Drugs (FAD) is a community based organization bringing drug awareness to all of Floyd County, Georgia.  FAD’s mission is to mobilize the entire community to work together to reduce the youth and adult use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco in Rome and Floyd County.


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