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Floyd Against Drugs Celebrates 20 Years

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Floyd Against Drugs (FAD) celebrated 20 years of serving Rome and Floyd County with a fun event at the Chamber of Commerce's parking lot on Thursday morning, June 17th. Java Joy was on hand providing participants free coffee and doughnuts thanks to sponsors Dempsey Auction Company and the Sweet Bar.

Through good publicity on the radio, in the newspaper, and through social media, people turned out to learn more about the work of Floyd Against Drugs. Floyd Against Drugs Board Members were on hand to answer questions and provide information about FAD.

Special thanks to Annette Morris, FAD Founder, FAD President, Ansley Silvers, Carol Willis, Alvin Jackson, Dale Styers, Sheriff Dave Roberson, LaDonna Collins, Candice Aldrich, Catherine Fricks, and Greg Shropshire for your help and attendance at this event.

Thank you to all who made donations to support the ongoing work of FAD.

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