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Floyd Against Drugs prepares to unveil Drug Buster trailer at jail on Thursday

Parents and guardians may not know where or what to look for when it comes to drug paraphernalia in their children’s bedrooms.

However, using Floyd Against Drugs’ new Drug Buster Trailer, Floyd County Deputy Sheriff Jimmy Allred can help teach them all the right things to look for.

Allred has been working in the K-9 unit at the sheriff’s office for over 20 years. He’s used his own field experiences to recreate a typical teenager’s bedroom and bathroom, with paraphernalia and fake drugs hidden all around the room. Some of the items include a cleansing drink that people use to pass drug tests, a fake soda can that unscrews at the top to hide drugs, digital scales, pipes and grinders.

Along with the paraphernalia in the trailer set-up, Allred has also planted fake marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine and prescription pills.

“A hiding place can be as simple as a plant or coat pockets,” Allred said.

All of the props used in the trailer were bought less than a mile from the jail, from head shops and gas stations. The Habitat for Humanity ReStore provided furniture and Home Depot helped Allred with the building materials.

The trailer is for parents, guardians and anyone over the age of 18. Allred and FAD board members don’t want the kids to come into the trailer and find out the types of hiding places they’re looking for.

The trailer was funded through a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration grant, according to FAD executive director Dale Styers. They began working on the trailer in March, but things slowed down after the pandemic started. Allred was worried about having a number of inmate laborers all working to build it out.

Eventually, Allred enlisted the help of one inmate and, together, they were able to take the trailer and turn it into a perfect replica of a bedroom and bathroom.

FAD plans to take the trailer around to parent-teacher organizations, church groups and local civic clubs. Styers said they already plan to take it to the Optimist Club on Aug. 27.

The grand opening and public ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place at 11 a.m. Thursday at the Floyd County Jail, 2526 New Calhoun Highway.

“I think FAD, the sheriff’s office and Floyd County will be proud of this,” Allred said.

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