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Vice President Ansley Silvers Speaks at Statewide Opioid Task Force Meeting

Ansley Silvers serves as the Vice President for the Board.  She is the Manager of Addictive Diseases at Highland Rivers Health. Story courtesy of Pickens Progress.

Attorney General’s opioid task force hears from health expert

Ansley Silvers, director of addictive disease at Highland Rivers Health, speaks about the impact of opioids on child welfare and foster care during the second meeting of the Georgia Attorney General’s Statewide Opioid Task Force, April 9, at Atlanta Technical College.

The task force, created by Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr last fall, includes more than 50 partners from across the state representing healthcare, law enforcement, education, government, business and more.

Silvers, who is a nationally certified addictive counselor with a Master’s degree in substance abuse, was one of a dozen high-profile speakers at the meeting which also included Attorney General Chris Carr, Dr. Karen Howell, Emory University School of Medicine, Dr. Patrick O’Neal, commissioner of the Georgia Department of Public Health; and Senator Renee Unterman, a leading advocate for opioid treatment in the Georgia General Assembly.

Highland Rivers Health is a state-designated provider of treatment and recovery services for addiction, mental health, and disabilities in a 12-county region of northwest Georgia which includes Pickens County.

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