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YMCA, Floyd Against Drugs, other partners adding ‘Grab & Go Fun,’ enrichment activities at seve

Since March 16, the YMCA of Rome and Floyd County has been distributing “grab & go meal-packs,” produce boxes and weekend backpacks filled with child-friendly food – all food programs are supported through Action Ministries Rome, Floyd County School Nutrition Program and Rome City Schools.

This week the YMCA is adding Grab & Go Fun and enrichment activities at several of the feeding sites. Summer kicked off Monday at Restoration Rome, the YMCA and Dutch Gardens with the support of Floyd Against Drugs. FAD provided the Y with bags to put food in, as well as activity books, and boxes and boxes of great prizes for the children when they complete a project.

In light of COVID-19, we are unable to gather, unable to stay and play and unable to be together with the kids in Rome’s neighborhoods for any length of time. Our “grab and go fun” are our attempts at staying connected and building connections to the kids in the neighborhoods we serve.

The YMCA is grateful for the partnership and for the enrichment supplies to make Floyd County a better place to live, work and play.

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